JetStream Release Spray

JetStream Release Spray is an excellent colourless release spray for counterforces of all kinds, as well as metals, rubber, plastics and other materials. JetStream Release Spray is the release agent of choice for counterforce making. It also is suitable for other demoulding applications as well so an ideal release agent to use all over your production facility where a mould release agent is required. Its demoulding characteristics are second to none and so increases confidence and improves productivity with fewer if any rejects. The release spray is grease free, anti-stain, anti-adhesive, dirt, dust and water repellent.

Having tested most of the popular release agents used in this industry, we and our customers prefer Jetstream over all the other products available. Its non-greasy, non-staining and superior release properties gives you a clean easy separation of counterforce from the die, with no staining or marking of any kind on the counterforce. Our Die maker customers prefer using this product as the counterforce they send to their customers are clean, stain free and looks and is professionally made.

-Excellent spray coverage
-Excellent heat and moisture resistance
-Excellent de-mould characteristics.  
-Strong capillary action
-Excellent flow properties

JetStream Release Spray can be sprayed onto Dies and Duplicates for the manufacture of Counterforces and Duplicates. This product will not stain or discolour paper, card, fabrics etc. and can be applied almost universally.

JetStream Release spray is based on chemical derivatives of siloxane and various polymers to produce superior release characteristics.

Shake aerosol can vigorously before use. Spray on the Die(s) and or Duplicate(s) liberally and allow to dry, repeat if necessary.

JetStream Spray will function to specifications between –10°C up to 250°C (14°F – 482°F).

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