Proteus (PTX) Two Part Self Cure Putty In-Plant on press system)

A two-part air cured polymeric putty system available in a 50g trial pack and 500g production pack size. This product is a 1:1 ratio mix and a working time of 5 minutes, a handling time of 10 minutes, functional cure 1 hour and full cure 24 hours at room temperature with all these times accelerated with the addition of heat.

Take the required, but equal, amount of putty from its containers and mix and roll into a ball and the place in the centre of the die. Place suitable oversized fibreglass board on top. Use a rolling pin or thick-walled metal or plastic tube and flatten the ball. Place a heavy and thick flat plate on top and clamp (use G Clamps, Vice or a press) and then allow to cure to the recommended time. Once initial stage one cured, remove flat plate and then separate the newly formed counterforce from the die, trim off waste and heat for 5 minutes or more using a hair dryer, a hot plate or heat from a heated die to cure to final cure and you are ready to go to press.

An excellent hot and cold counterforce for normal day to day embossing and debossing for all run lengths. Requires pressure to form and cures at room temperature over night or external heat source.

This system does not create air bubbles and part A & B are different colours so when you get an even grey without streaks you have mixed properly.

Can be used as an emergency counterforce inhouse replacement system.