Storage & Material Information for Counterforce Making Products

All uEmboss Counterforce and Duplicate making materials are made to a very high-quality standard and stocks must be rotated so older materials are used first. Technical datasheets include storage information and shelf life for every product. If not stored properly, the product will not perform to its optimum and or may not work at all.

Most products have a 12 months self-life from manufacture but as most items are stocked on the shelf either by us and or our distributors and allowing for shipping and other factors the shelf life diminishes. So, for the majority of our products we give you a 6 months self-life going toward 12 months. In some cases, our products are good for many years (if stored correctly) so especially for direct international customers, hold sufficient stocks but don’t overstock by a large margin.

All products need to be stored in at room temperature away from direct sunlight, high humidity, free from dust, away from flame / heat etc. A good well insulated metal cupboard / cabinet would work well.

Always check the product specific Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Health and Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the correct handling and storage.
Read and understand the Instruction of Use (IoU) and or Instruction Manual (IM) before use.

Two component epoxies

Typical storage conditions for two component epoxy materials are at ambient temperatures ranging from 20-25°C (68-77°F), in a dry location in original unopened containers. Once containers are opened material should be kept free from moisture, dust, high/low temperatures, etc. Containers should be stored in well ventilated areas, tightly sealed with original wrapping, caps or lids. Additionally, applicators such as spatulas should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent cross-contamination. All liquid epoxy materials (not mixed) can under certain conditions gel up. This could be because the material is old, stored incorrectly, one of the ingrediencies prematurely reacting etc. Heating the material at a temperature not exceeding 50°C (122°F) for a period of time will liquefy the gelled product(s). Once liquid, shake the container for a few minutes and the materials can be use as normal.

The hardener (Part B) of 2-part epoxy putty will produce a skin on the outside layer. This is normal and will breakup during mixing with part A.

One Component Epoxies

Specific one component epoxy systems also need to be stored at 5-10°C (40-50°F). These products should only be used when they are brought to ambient temperature, typically over an hour or two.

Safety Instructions

Check the product specific technical datasheets (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for proper handling and storage. It is important to note that special care must be taken when storing hazardous and flammable materials. All pertinent local, state, federal and international regulations need to be followed.

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