Thor (TEX) Powder Liquid polymeric Counterforce making system In-house on press system)

A two-part air cured polymeric system available in a 150g trial pack and 750g production pack size. This product is a 1:2 ratio mix which cures in about 10 to 15 minutes.

This product has been designed as an inhouse counterforce making system for customers who don’t have a counterforce or whose counterforce(s) have been lost or damaged and require urgent replacement.

Requires pressure to form and air to vent and cures at room temperature or heat from a hot foiling machine for accelerated cure. This product cure through venting of the solvent within the material so must be used in a well-ventilated environment.

Ensure a suitable release agent is applied to the die and is dry before mounting on the press. Mount an oversized backing board on the print platen opposite the pre-mounted metal die. Apply the premixed resin on the backing board in the area opposite the die. Place a sheet of oversized porous bond paper over the resin and run the machine at a very slow speed to form the design. When the resin appears to be setting but still soft, trim off the access material and then continue to run the machine slowly. When the resin appears to start setting hard stop the press and allow the material to set completely. Once set you are ready to run the job.

An excellent hot and cold counterforce for embossing and debossing for all run lengths.

More suited for single counterforce making at a time for single embossing setup. This uEmboss product can be made as a use once and bin