Troy (TEC) Epoxy Resin Counterforce System: Trade)

A two-part heat cured epoxy system available in 25ml twin cartridge trial packs and 2 x 500ml bottles. This product is a 1:1 ratio mix product but has the flexibility to change the ratio to change its characteristics. The standard hardener is a ~120-minutes gel time.

The long gelling time allows for multiple dies to be prepared before placing in moulding press. The cure time is typically ~5 minutes at 90°C. The Troy system requires a vulcanizing (Moulding) press to cure and make counterforces.

Apply suitable release agent on die and allow to dry. Dispense and mix equal amount of part A and B material. Degas if required, and pour into the die then place oversized pre-sanded fibreglass board on top. Place in a preheated vulcanizing moulding press and bring under pressure and allow to cure to the recommended time. Remove and allow to cool under light pressure then separate, trim off waste and you are ready to go to press.

An excellent hot & cold counterforce for normal day to day embossing and debossing for all run lengths.

A uEmboss vacuum chamber or hand vacuum and or air removal devices are recommended to remove air bubbles in mixed resin before use.