Ultra (UVX) Resin Counterforce System: (Trade or In-Plant)

A UV cure single part resin system that can be used with a coated polyester or fibreglass backing sheet. With 3 different resins (1Kg bottles) one for cold embossing only and two for hot embossing, with differing hardness and characteristics.

Requires a suitable UV exposure unit. For best results we recommend using the uEmboss Polydiam PEC A2 UV counterforce making machine.

Apply suitable release agent on die and allow to dry. Pour Ultra resin onto die and then place an oversized coated polyester backing sheet (flexi die) or coated fibreglass backing board on top of the poured resin. Compress to level off and then UV expose for the required time. De-mould and trim, and the counterforce is ready to use.

A very easy and highly recommended product for most trade and in-plant counterforce production.

An excellent hot and cold counterforce for normal day to day embossing and debossing for all run lengths. Ideal product for flexi dies.