About Us

uEmboss is a technology company dedicated in the development of counterforce making materials and supplies. Our product portfolio includes products that are unique to uEmboss technologies and our versions of products sold by other manufactures. We have the largest range of counterforce making technologies from a single source globally. Our product range is very varied and our counterforce products cure with UV, Heat, Vacuum, Air and or Time. We are your one stop supplier for the full or partial upgrade of your current or a new Die and or Counterforce making facility.

The best Counterforce products from a leading world class manufacturer and  supplier.
The team at uEmboss has over 35 years experience in the field.

Who Are We

uEmboss is now becoming the UK premier Counterforce equipment and materials manufacturer. We are able to provide dedicated unravelled support and know how to help bring counterforce making in your control. Our customers range from trade houses, small to large converters and printers all over the world.

Our Mission

We at uEmboss wish to help modernise, improve quality and safety for Die and Counterforce makers. Improving the quality of Dies and Counterforces, increase the speed of production and improve flexibility and work flow in the manufacturing process. This not only at trade houses (Die Shops) but also In-Plant (In-house).

What We Do

We will help and guide our customers to improve the quality of their dies and counterforces.

 We supply Equipment, Consumables, Knowhow, and Technical Support.

Our history

uEmboss Technologies Ltd, was formed with the help of Polydiam Industries Ltd knowhow resulting in uEmboss now becoming the UK premier Counterforce equipment and materials manufacturer.

Polydiam Industries Limited was a pioneer in development of Counterforce making systems with over 35 years’ experience in field. The company was and still is instrumental in inventing and introducing many new concepts and technology into the market. Around 35 years ago we were approached by a leading British Trade House (Die Maker) looking for a UV cured Counterforce system and we developed the Ultra range of UV cured resins system from that request.

Our Product Range


Counterforce Making Systems

  1. Ultra: UV cure system
  2. Troy: 2- Part Liquid Epoxy System
  3. Plato: 2- Part Liquid Epoxy System
  4. Helios: 2 -Part Liquid Epoxy System
  5. Proteus: 2- Part Putty Epoxy System
  6. Gemini: 2- Part Putty Epoxy System
  7. Xena: 2- Part Liquid Polymer System
  8. Thor: 2- Part Liquid and Powder Polymer System
  9. Libra: Composite Embossing Board
  10. Atlas-Matrix: Phenolic powder and or Board System


Duplicates Making Systems

  1. Leo: Polymer Putty (Duplicate only)
  2. Juno: Liquid and Powder Stucco System
  3. Atlas-Matrix: Phenolic powder and or Board System


Etching Systems

  1. Stomatic Premium Range of Magnesium, Zinc and Copper Etching Systems
  2. Etchmatic Range of Magnesium and Zinc Etching Systems
  3. We-Etch Value Range of Magnesium and Zinc Etching Systems
  4. Other custom made and or refurbished machines


Engraving & Milling Machines

  1. Paso
  2. Bridgeport*
  3. Cincinnati*
  4. Mecanumeric
  5. Charlyrobot
  6. Hurco*
  7. Shilpin …….




3D Engraving Software

  1. ArtCam (Product Discontinued)
  2. Type 3
  3. Rhinoceros (Rhino) RhinoGold
  4. Vectric Aspire
  5. Matrix
  6. JewelCad
  7. 3Design
  8. Zbrush
  9. Clayoo
  10. Tsplines
  11. 3Shaper        (and many more…..)


Ancillary Equipment

1.   New Moulding Machines
2.   Various refurbished Machines
3.   Etching Sink
4.   Etching Trays
5.   Band Saw
6.  Magnesium Dust Extractor
7.  Etching waste Tank with Stand
8. Safety Equipment and supplies
9.   And More

Why choose us?

Embossing Counterforce Making Systems – Resins – Epoxies – Duplicates – Etching Systems -Engraving and Milling Machines – 3D Engraving Software – Moulding Presses – Ancillary Equipment and more…

We have a history of very high-quality technical support, helping our customers produce high quality counterforce.

We have high quality instructions of use and industry beating instructional manuals. Some of our instructional Manuals are over 80 page and all are full of information including tips, FAQ, fault finding, advice and step by step instructions of use loaded with photos.

We also provide support via E-mails, Telephone, Fax, Skype, WhatsApp and others and so technical support is never far away or difficult to get.

Please note we are only able to provide support in English but are able to provide basic electronic translation of some documents via Google translate. Electronic translations are not accurate and must be used in conjunction with the original English version of the document.

We have dedicated the last 40 odd years supplying and supporting thousands of our customers in over 80 countries.

We manufacture and or supply a wide range of counterforce systems. We believe that a few types of systems cannot cater for all the different users’ needs. We have strived to make each system superior to similar system were available. Many systems are unique to us and many more on the way.

We will help and guide our customers to improve the quality of their dies and counterforces.

We supply Equipment, Consumables, Knowhow, and Technical Support.

Our technical experts have over 35 years’ experience in counterforce making technology and around 40 years in prepress. We also have a team of independent technical experts who are able to, for a fee, train your team on anything from Artcam CNC engraving software, CNC engraving machines, Acid Etching Machines and counterforce making at your premises. A few of our team will travel around the world training users on the complete or parts of the die and or counterforce making process.

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