Making Embossing Counterforces using 2 Part Putty
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Making Embossing Counterforces using 2 Part Putty

A Quick Guide on How to make Embossing Counterforce using 2-Part Putty Systems Process of making Embossing Counterforces: First make or order in your Die. Your Die can be made using our Embossing grade Photopolymer Plate or an etched, hand chiseled or a CNC engraved metal Die. Place a sheet of suitable oversized Release Film…


Improve Embossing Workflow, Productivity & Quality

We at uEmboss can supply most if not all of the products needed for the manufacture of various counterforce systems, and help you to streamline and lower administrative and logistic costs and procedures: One Supplier One Purchase Order One Invoice One Shipping Cost One Customs Clearance (Where applicable) One Contact for Technical Support One supplier…