Making Embossing Counterforces using 2 Part Putty

A Quick Guide on How to make Embossing Counterforce using 2-Part Putty Systems

Process of making Embossing Counterforces:

  1. First make or order in your Die. Your Die can be made using our Embossing grade Photopolymer Plate or an etched, hand chiseled or a CNC engraved metal Die.

  2. Place a sheet of suitable oversized Release Film or Paper on the base metal plate of a vulcanizing press. If using other types of equipment then ask for additional information.

  3. Spray or apply Release Agent on the Die.

  4. Place the Die on to the Release Film or Paper.

  5. Scoop out equal amounts of Part A and Part B putty and mix properly by hand, wearing plastic gloves.

  6. Place a ball of mixed Embossing putty onto the Die. Ensure sufficient putty is used, so as to prevent voids forming. 

  7. Place rough sanded side of the Fibreglass Backing Board on top of the mixed putty on the Die.

  8. Place sheet of suitable oversized Release Film or Paper on top of the Backing Board.

  9. Bring top metal plate against the Counterforce making setup and apply required pressure.

  10. Subject the Counterforce putty to heat at the required temperature and time.

  11. After the putty is cured, release pressure and wearing suitable gloves remove Die and cured Counterforce from the press.

  12. Once removed from the press and still hot, separate the Counterforce from the Die and trim to the required size.  

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