Bring Counterforce making In-house

Why use our technology to bring Counterforce making In-House?

We have been involved in the manufacture and supply of materials for counterforce making for many decades. Over that period of time we have developed a knowledge base of information to help our existing and future customers manufacture counterforces in-house.

We supply Premium Quality Engraving equipment, Etching equipment, 3D printers, Software and Counterforce making equipment and supplies.  We are in fact a one stop solution provider.

Over the years we have conducted extensive searches on what is available globally, and based on that research we are confident that we at uEmboss have developed the largest range from a single source of counterforce and duplicate making materials and systems. We feel we have developed a premium series of quality “best in class” range of products.

What you can expect from us.

  • Quality products:  Less problems for you.
  • Free Phone and E-mail support: Peace of mind.
  • Detailed user and support manuals: Easy to get started.
  • Extensive range of products: We have product that cover most technologies.
  • Selecting the right technologies: We listen to your requirements and help you select the rights systems to meet your requirements.
  • Switch Counterforce technologies: Flexibility as we supply multiple technologies.

Improve Embossing Workflow, Productivity & Quality

We at uEmboss can supply most if not all of the products needed for the manufacture of various counterforce systems, and help you to streamline and lower administrative and logistic costs and procedures:

  • One Supplier
  • One Purchase Order
  • One Invoice
  • One Shipping Cost
  • One Customs Clearance (Where applicable)
  • One Contact for Technical Support
  • One supplier of the largest range of counterforce product globally
  • One source for trialing  of different systems / technologies

Our range caters for Commercial Trade Houses (Die Shops) and large scale In-Plant manufacture and all the variants in-between.

Our Counterforce making technologies include systems for bulk manufacture of counterforces right the way down to one off single counterforce emergency replacement products.

The uEmboss range includes UV cure resins and pastes, two part Epoxy resins and putties, Polyester, Polyurethane, PVC, Clay, Polymeric compounds, Composite embossing boards and much more.

Our range includes around 20 different counterforce systems (some under development) so you are bound to find one or more to fulfill your requirement.

With over 35 years of counterforce making experience, the team at uEmboss are well placed to help our customers with high quality technical support and advice.

Tech support offered via Phone calls, E-mail, WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype etc. so for our international customers, contacting us is free or minimal cost.

Benefits for our customers:

Trade House: Better selection of materials to better serve and closely match their customers’ requirements. We supply Counterforce making equipment and materials, Etch and or CNC machined die making equipment.

In-Plant occasional: Improved Workflow, Damaged, faulty, missing or short supplied counterforces replaced within 10 to 20 min, reducing production delays and improving productivity.

In-Plant full scale production: Low cost solutions for small, medium and or large scale production of counterforces. Full guidance, knowhow and support to have counterforce making only and if required etched and or engraved die making as well.

We at uEmboss Technologies can supply a full range of products to create your own die shop, update your die shop or start up your own inhouse die department. We do not want to confuse site visitors with an overload of information so we have opted for a project Data Sheet concept where we can provide data sheets on relevant topics. Please note that  not all the products we supply are listed on our website.

Examples of products and solutions we provide:

  • 3D engraving software
  • CNC 3D Engraving Machines
  • Tool Grinder (to make some of your own cutting tips for CNC engravers)
  • Magnesium, Zinc and Copper Etching systems
  • Ancillary equipment for etching room (Including cutting, finishing and safety equipment)
  • Counterforce making equipment

Our range is from low cost to high end premium quality equipment and supplies.

We should have something for most visitors to our website. Please note, we also sell second-hand equipment when available. Call use and lets talk.

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