How to make Ultra UV Embossing Counterforce

Process of making Ultra UV Embossing Counterforces:   

  1. First make or order in your Die. Your die can be made using our Embossing grade Photopolymer Plate or an etched, hand chiseled or a CNC engraved metal Die.

  2. Place a sheet of suitable oversized Cover Film on the base glass of the UV exposure unit.

  3. Spray or apply release agent on the Die.

  4. Place the Die on to the Cover Film.

  5. Pour Embossing resin onto the Die. Ensure sufficient resin is poured, to prevent voids forming.

  6. Remove any air bubbles formed during pouring with a hair dryer or air blower.

  7. Place coated rough side of the Backing Sheet or Board on top of the resin filled Die.

  8. Place another sheet of suitable oversized Cover Film on top of the backing material. 

  9. Bring top glass against the Die and Counterforce materials and bring to pressure, to ensure a flat even Counterforce.

  10. Exposure to UV light preferably from both sides, for the required time. That will cure the     Counterforce resin and bond to its backing material.

  11. After the resin is cured, lift up top glass and wearing suitable gloves remove Die and cured Counterforce from the UV exposure machine.

  12. Once removed from the exposure unit, separate the Counterforce from the Die and trim to the required size

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